• What We Do

    Hello, I'm Mary Rambin, founder of MTM Strategies.  
    From my 7 years of experience in the digital space and 10 years as an entrepreneur,
    I can tell you:
    People don't want to simply buy products,
    they want to buy the pieces to a lifestyle and live out their dreams.
    Our job is to create a well-rounded identity for your brand
    that people want as part of their lives everyday.  
    With your target demographic in mind,
    we develop an aspirational lifestyle with your product at its center.  
    Then we employ a customized strategy to engage them on a daily basis
    and grow your online community.

  • Services

    When you come to MTM, we don't just set up your website and turn on your Facebook page.  We take account of your brand, asses its current position within your industry, and offer a customized plan of action we believe you NEED to step ahead of your competitors. 


    Creating or refreshing your brand logo, voice, and messaging to create an attractive identity and aspirational lifestyle.

    Digital Properties

    Designing and building your website and customizing your social platforms so that each represents your brand in the same way.

    Social Media Strategy

    Employing a strategy for content production and distribution to build an audience online across platforms where your target demographic lives.
    Platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Spotify, SoundCloud.

    Social Media Training

    Teaching you and/or your staff how to create and distribute content in accordance to our strategy so you don't have to hire an outside agency to do it.
    This is a hands-on MTM signature program you won't find anywhere else.

    Traditional Marketing

    Developing the tangible pieces of your brand like the printed materials as well as distributing messaging via advertising buys, events, sponsorships, and word-of-mouth campaigns to expand the reach of your brand.

    Digital PR

    Reaching out to online personalities and influencers in your industry or area that can help promote your brand by posting it on their platforms.

    Mobile Applications

    Developing an easy to use app for your customers to interact and purchase on the go.

    Other Services

    Events + Conferences
    Interactive Kiosks
  • Ask me your questions now!

    You're here because you have questions about your brand and/or how to use social media.  
    Write your questions in the box below and I will personally get back with you ASAP.

  • “I’ve worked with Mary for over five years on a bevy of projects. She is intelligent, passionate, creative and truly an invaluable strategic resource. You’d be hard pressed to meet a more savvy social marketer. I turn to her for collaboration as often as I can and am always thrilled with the outcome of working with her and her team.”

    – Sarah Payton, Principal, Payton & Company


    “Mary Rambin was the force behind my company jumping into the social media world with both feet and at the same time enabling me to create a new job for myself as Interactive Media Coordinator. She literally held my hand as I created accounts in the different social media platforms and helped me interlink them. She defined which platform did what and showed me how to utilize them to my benefit. The company I work for is not your typical, straight forward business, and she was able to adapt to our needs so that we could reach our target markets. The work she did with me not only allowed for me to create my dream job but I have also become a leader in my field regarding social media. In less than a year, I have been asked to speak about our social media strategies at one of the major national conferences in my field.”

    – Kristin Black, La Hacienda Treatment Center. The La Ha Blog


    Mary is a content genius and digital free spirit. Her international adventures are only superseded by her excellent taste in practical fashion, good eats, and I personally have gotten more than a few great gift ideas from Mary's blog. She's a gatekeeper. Get to know her.

    — Luke White

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  • Learn About My Experience


    Marketing Strategist and Social Media Trainer Feb 2005 - Present
    I consult companies on their brand identity, image within their industry, and the message they are broadcasting to their clients online. From there I propose and implement new social media marketing strategies to help grow their business.


    Founder and Publisher Apr 2009 - Present
    MoreThanMary is a blog that focuses on a different theme everyday so by the end of the week it is like you have read a lifestyle magazine written by someone you trust. Themes include: fitness, fashion & beauty, food & recipes, technology, music, travel, and entertainment.

    I offer readers a window into my life to see how I live, things I love and hate, as well as how I experience new things. All content is pushed to my social media platforms.

    MTM demographic is 55k strong of loyal, mostly female readers, aging from 25-45 living in major cities: New York, LA, San Francisco, Houston, Alanta, and Washington DC.

    The Huffington Post

    Contributor Jan 2010 - Present
    I contribute mostly travel articles, including hotel reviews and city guides.


    Founder Jul 2008 - Apr 2009
    NonSociety was a life-casting publishing platform geared towards tech-savvy, trendy women ages 18-34.  Built as a horizontal tumblr, the three founders posted as many as 10 pictures a day allowing over 150k people into their lives.
    We were the first to generate revenue sole off of sponsorship in the age of banner ads by incorporating the brands we genuinely loved into our content.
    As the fashion blogger, I was one of the first to liveblog New York Fashion Week with my iPhone from the front row.  When that became a trend, I was the first (and am still the only) to LiveStream NYFW 8 hours a day for 7 days a week without turning off the camera.

    TMI Weekly

    Co-Host and Producer Oct 2008 - Jan 2010
    TMI weekly is a bi-weekly chat show focusing on current issues in life, tech, and style. Hosted by Julia Allison, Meghan Asha, and myself, the show is five minutes of fun, fresh perspectives and tips to enrich women's lives.

    Modern Luxury

    Freelance Contributor Dec 2012 - Apr 2013
    I write lifestyle pieces for Jezebel Magazine published in Atlanta, Georgia. Topics include fitness, beauty, and nutrition.

    The Houston Chronicle

    Contributor Oct 2009 - Jun 2011
    I contribute articles and city guides for The Good Life Section.

    Moe Designs

    President Feb 2005 - Feb 2008
    In 2005, I launched a handbag line called Moe Designs. This collection was fueled by my signature style: the C.L.I.C.K. bag. The CLICK bag is the perfect evening accessory as it holds your Cell phone, Lip gloss, Id, Cash, and Keys - hence CLICK. Due to its unique strap-through-strap design, the light purse hangs from your wrist without bothering you for the rest of the night.

    The 6 collections were sold in Bloomingdales and boutiques worldwide and worn by celebs such as Jessica Alba, Jessica Beil, Hayden Pannetierre, Samantha Harris, and many more!
  • Education

    University of Southern California

    Entertainment Communications, Bachelor of Arts 2000 - 2003
    Graduated Cum Laude
    Delta Gamma Sorority

    The Kinkaid School

    Highschool diploma 1993 - 2000